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EDRM Launches Security Audit Questionnaire

Posted by Chris Plauschinn |2 minute read

Mar 22, 2017 1:45:59 PM


The article EDRM Releases Security Audit Questionnaire with Focus on E-Discovery Security was recently published on by Legaltech News Editor, Zach Warren.

LTN.png"Despite many in-house counsel and law firms finally awakening to the current realities of cybersecurity, many still aren’t aware of all the places through which intruders can make their way into the organization. Third-party companies are perhaps the biggest blind spot—a fall 2016 ALM Intelligence survey found that only 6 percent of firms regularly audited third-party vendors' security protections, and 54 percent do not audit any vendors at all.

...That’s why EDRM, the standards-setting organization that created the ubiquitous E-Discovery Reference Model and is now a part of Duke Law School, has expanded its reach to cybersecurity with the release of of a new Security Audit Questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed for organizations to evaluate the security capabilities of partners—companies, law firms, cloud providers or other third parties—offering electronic discovery or managed services."

In this world where information is currency, the security of that information is paramount. You are responsible to ensure your data is secure whether in your possession or in the possession of a partner. When engaging a partner, it is important to trust that their systems, process and procedures meet or exceed your standards and can truly protect your data. Commonwealth Legal has always believed and invested in a security first approach to ensure your data remains protected. We are excited to see the release of the EDRM Security Audit Questionnaire which should help to frame the discussion around the security of your data and how we are built to safeguard it.

Read the full article here.

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