CEDS Spotlight: Laura Clemence

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Nov 24, 2017 2:28:03 PM


Laura Clemence, Project Manager at Commonwealth Legal, shares the benefits and insider tips on completing her ACEDs certification training in this month's CEDS Spotlight.

This post was originally published on ACEDs and has been republished here with permission.

Mary Mack, Executive Director at ACEDs with Laura at Technology in Practice 2017.

Q: Please share your thoughts on the ACEDS certification training, the exam and how it has benefited you both the certification and being part of the ACEDS community as a whole.

Laura A: The ACEDs certification training was extremely beneficial and the confidence I gained from validating my knowledge against my work experience has supported my continued growth.  I find the additional cross-border data rule knowledge to be valuable and supports the effective management of cross border matters.  ACEDs training has been an accelerator and validates the need for standardization.

Q: Why did you decide to get certified? Do you have other certifications?

Laura A: My previous employer offered me the certification as an option for professional development and a job perk.

I currently hold a Law PreDiscovery certification and am Relativity Administrator trained. I am fortunate in that my current employment advocates for and supports ongoing professional development. I look forward to continuing to build my certification portfolio and currently have a keen interest in forensics.

Q: Give us a background of your experience.

Laura A: My previous supervisor had nicknamed me the “hacker”, I am a self-taught eDiscovery analyst/litigation support professional and am currently a Project Manager handling a wide array of matters that span the EDRM. I launched my career as a scanning and coding clerk, the knowledge gained provided me an in-depth understanding of all aspects of service excellence and process requirements. I continued to evolve in my role and single-handedly  provided support to  all Canadian offices of a large national law firm.  This experience provided great insight around the diversity of legal team workflows and has been instrumental in my success as a project manager.

For more about Laura's insights into her ACEDs certification experience, please read the full interview on aceds.org

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