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Yvette Bula

Yvette Bula is the Senior Director, Discovery Solutions for Commonwealth Legal, a division of Ricoh Canada. Read Her Full Profile.

A Combination of Analytics Tools will Help Boost Technology Assisted Review.

Jul 22, 2016 4:41:56 PM | Yvette Bula

Last week, editors of The Relativity Blog reached out to Yvette Bula, Senior Director of Technical Services at Commonwealth Legal, to get her thoughts on how using a combination of analytics tools can narrow down the scope of complex cases—even when it comes to technology-assisted review.

The three tools discussed in this informative article include:

1. Email Threading

2. Concept Searching

3. Clustering

To read Yvette's full article and find out how using a combination of analytics tools can prove to be an effective approach to TAR, check out the The Relativity Blog.

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An Attorney's Answers to 3 Questions on Analytics and Ediscovery

Apr 12, 2016 5:56:33 PM | Yvette Bula

Last month, kCura published this great article that addresses the questions lawyers still get about the value of applying the latest ediscovery technology on their cases. Interestingly, these questions not only come from their clients, but from other colleagues.

blog_common-questions-ediscovery-tech.pngQ1: What's so wrong with the way we've always done it?

Q2: Isn't keyword searching all we need?

Q3: How can the benefits of something like technology-assisted review outweigh the risks that the computer might miss something?

Find out the answers by reading the full article on kCura's Blog.

Of course, I had to chime in on this very relevant topic...

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Communication is Critical for Computer Assisted Review

Feb 9, 2016 1:22:14 PM | Yvette Bula

Cross-role collaboration between the lawyers acting as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), the technology experts and the best-of-breed Technology Assisted Review (TAR) tools, is critical – with all three working in alignment to ensure a successful review outcome. As you work through your case, it is also important to adjust your approach to TAR in the face of Concept Drift if you are going to truly advance your understanding of your case and cascade the insight gained across your data universe.

Technology in Practice speaker alumnus and well-known ediscovery lawyer and blogger, Ralph Losey, discusses this topic in detail in his three-part blog series titled, Concept Drift and Consistency: Two Keys To Document Review Quality:

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