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ActiveNav Podcast: Why Understanding Your Data is Essential for Successful eDiscovery

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Sep 1, 2020 9:53:55 AM

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What happens when a legal event arises in your organization?

Last week, Andrea Williams, our VP of Technology and Emerging Solutions, was a guest on the Project Privacy Podcast, hosted by ActiveNav (formerly Active Navigation). During the 25-minute episode, she discusses why understanding and managing data from the onset is essential for streamlined eDiscovery — both for legal and IT teams.  

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The more planning that can be done at the front end, the better the impact will be on your data scope and cost containment. Building a proactive plan will provide you with a road map which you then can re-purpose. You can pause, plan and prioritize at the onset which makes for a much better plan for the review team, and it can even transition into how you'll triage your response. You may also be able to determine alternate uses for this dataset. While you might be responding to a single legal event, you can determine whether that data is needed for other matters. Leverage your plan into other use cases to add value to your organization, versus creating single-event responses."


— Andrea Williams, VP of Technology and Emerging Solutions at Ricoh eDiscovery

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