An Attorney's Answers to 3 Questions on Analytics and Ediscovery

Posted by Yvette Bula

Apr 12, 2016 5:56:33 PM

Last month, kCura published this great article that addresses the questions lawyers still get about the value of applying the latest ediscovery technology on their cases. Interestingly, these questions not only come from their clients, but from other colleagues.

blog_common-questions-ediscovery-tech.pngQ1: What's so wrong with the way we've always done it?

Q2: Isn't keyword searching all we need?

Q3: How can the benefits of something like technology-assisted review outweigh the risks that the computer might miss something?

Find out the answers by reading the full article on kCura's Blog.

Of course, I had to chime in on this very relevant topic...

By using the latest ediscovery technology legal teams gain critical access to the most relevant information quickly, which in turn allows them to uncover information that may not have been considered if a one dimensional approach had been taken.

The revelation of patterns and concepts in the data can reduce time and costs, and supports the focus of the legal expertise. This can be further realized by engaging the right team of Discovery Engineers to facilitate the efficient use of the technology to support the legal team. 

Relativity_Best_In_Service_Blue_RGB_150ppi.pngRelativity is available through Commonwealth Legal and supported by a team of Relativity Certified Administrators and Review Specialists. All data is hosted in our Canadian-based Blue Best in Service designated data center.

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