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7 Ways to Up Your Cybersecurity Game

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May 12, 2020 4:57:05 PM

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Cyber attacks are on the rise. In 2017, 1 in 5 law firms experienced a cyber attack or data breach. In addition to hurting your business' reputation, being hacked is expensive — in fact, the average breach costs $3.5 million. 

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Hackers don't just target client data

In the legal industry, the biggest threats include phishing schemes, denials of service, web jacking, WiFi connections and inside threats. If a law firm's litigation strategy is exposed, it can result in loss of cases, clients and even bankruptcy.

With off-site work becoming more of a norm, and with the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting devices, data can be mistakenly stored in unprotected locations. Everything from employees' home tablets to their Apple watches or smart phones have a network that can leave a company exposed. Hackers are at an advantage because they target vulnerabilities in each device. 

Are you taking your cybersecurity seriously?

A breach of confidential and sensitive information could destroy a company's reputation. Proper security
measures are the only way to minimize or avoid extensive damages associated with a breach.

How to mitigate risks

In our ebook, 7 Ways to Up Your Cybersecurity Game, we share how you can take a proactive approach to cybersecurity threats by:

  1. Identifying your data
  2. Training your staff
  3. Using encryption
  4. Developing a disaster recovery plan
  5. Vetting service providers
  6. Storing your data in the cloud
  7. Engaging with a cybersecurity expert

Throughout this handy resource, David Greetham, V.P. of eDiscovery Sales and Operations for Ricoh USA, shares his pro tips from his own experiences. Click the image below to get full access to the eBook.

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