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Intelligent Review: A Case Study

When Technology Fails: How Ricoh eDiscovery Helped a Global Law Firm Save Their Document Review 

A large, global law firm was undertaking its own analytics-based review but, it was not achieving the results it needed. While the law firm had some experience with Active Learning, they could not confidently conclude the project, no matter how many documents they reviewed. With the production deadline looming, the firm realized this was a bigger project than they could handle. To meet their client's requirements, they would need help. They reached out to Ricoh for support.

By partnering with Ricoh eDiscovery, the firm saw the following results:

  • A 78 per cent reduction in required eyes-on review
  • 65 per cent fewer documents reviewed to achieve Active Learning (AL) success
  • A review of only four per cent of the overall document set was required for AL completion

Download the case study to learn how we did it.

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